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    Folks, I just wanted to provided some positive feedback regarding a recent training I completed with Alain Kaldewaay at Xplore-Int in PA.
    Background, I have about 20 years on road experience and had some extensive off road experience as a kid riding dirt-bikes and ATV. I traded my BMW RT in over the winter for a 650 GS twin with the hope of doing some adventure riding. Having not been in the dirt for about 2O years and never having taking a big GS bike off road before I felt that I should get some decent training from somebody who could start me off with the right fundamentals. I spoke to Alain on the phone about a month ago and explained my situation. Alain let me know that the 2 day course he offers would probably be best, however if that wasn’t an option I could come down to his training area in Nottingham PA for a one day training course.
    After a few emails and some phone calls back and forth with Alain, my ridding buddy Bill and I signed up for the one day course of which we attended this past Sunday. I would say that the day and the training was excellent.
    Alain’s training style is that of a good “sports coach”, he explains a technique or an exercise, then demonstrates it himself, then provides encouragement and feedback while you practice the skill for yourself. This guy has a ton of riding experience and knows how to teach it to others- pretty laid back guy, but also very serious about riding and safety.
    While I certainly have a long way to go before I am an efficient adventure rider, this course provided me with a solid foundation of skills and some exercises that I can now go and practice on my own in order to become a more advanced rider. By the end of the day I was much more confident and comfortable riding in the dirt and had a much better feel for what my GS could and couldn’t do off road. My buddy Bill has taken some of the best on road training courses in the country over the last ten years and he was also very happy and impressed with his experience on Sunday.
    I have no affiliation with Xplore-Int and had never met Alain before Sunday, I simply wanted to give my 2cents in case others were looking for some professional training in our area.
    John C.

    A few weeks back my family went through the one day Closed Range Exercise course in Nottingham, PA. It was a little rainy in the morning (hey, that’s why they call it dirt bike riding!!) Alain Kaldewaay was our trainer. He did an excellent job.. He followed the MSF training syllabus faithfully and made sure we all knew what he was teaching and how to ride the motorcycle properly though the exercise. My son (15) and daughter (12) had a great time with him. I highly recommend XPLOR and Alain if you want to learn how to be competent and safe rider.
    Eric Richards.

    Thanks again for your focus and persistence on Sunday. I learned a lot even if I couldn’t pull it all together on the spot. More practice ahead. I like your style of instruction and coaching. Yes, my legs are still sore two days later. Thanks again.
    Nick and I recently took my 11 yr old son to Alain’s MSF-sponsored CRE off-road one-day training. My son had never ridden a motor bike before and 30 yrs had passed since I was riding my XT250 around the Florida panhandle. Korean farm roads and the Tokyo city streets.
    My son started out slowly, perserevered, and in large part due to Alain’s talented coaching skills, ended the day crossing obstacles and riding a track in the woods. One of the best days of his life and a beautiful chapter in a father-son relationship.
    I learned a lot that I wished I had known in the 80’s – would have kept me off the ground more, I think. Of course then, I just wanted to get air!
    If you are a street rider wanting to kick the back end loose, move into more off-roading or just expand your body of knowledge, this is a content-rich, fun and affordable class. The slow speed maneuvering exercises will pay dividends on the street as well.
    If you have a child or spouse you want to introduce to two-wheeling, this is an excellent choice. Fantastic choice for a family experience.
    If you have been riding forever, but were never trained under the guise of the MSF, you might just learn something new!
    Alain is very pleasant and skilled on a bike. He would be my first choice as a riding buddy on an off-road adventure.
    Highly recommended!

    Thank you Alain for an informative, and exciting day. I enjoyed all aspects and learned a lot. There was a lot f material to absorb in one day….at least for a newbie like me. Nevertheless, it was great fun. I look forward to attending additional training and hopefully join riding groups in the area for some adventurous rides and to make new riding friends. I will stay in touch so I can find out more about these type of outings.
    Thanks again for the training! Regards,Ken

    I have a pile of dusty dirty & sweaty motorcycle gear, I can hardly get out of bed this morning, I’m crippled, I can’t walk, my legs don’t work, my back is killing me, my shoulders hurt. That was the best weekend!

    That was by far the most fun, and the most challenged, I’ve been on a motorcycle, and my bike has a couple more scratches to prove it.

    I’ll keep a watch out on the web for training in Green Ridge, Md
    Thanks again.


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