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  • Brendon Sinclair

    Thanks to Atul and the team from ABoriginal Tours for a remarkable motorcycle tour through Rajasthan in India in November. It was Mel Sinclair’s first motorcycle trip with me and it was a joy to see the country with her.

    A motorcycle through the villages and back roads is a very connected way to interact as your travelling and Mel loved every second of it.

    The views, the wonderful people, the colours, and lots more – in fact everything India has to offer was very humbling and inspiring.

    To be part of the work Atul does to showcase his country and help build a brighter future for many others was terrific. His sensitivity to his India, whilst easing Westerners into what can be significant cultural differences was exceptional.

    I’ve done motorbike trips all around the world and this trip offers unsurpassed value. In Aussie terms it’s as cheap as chips!

    From the minute your feet touch the ground in Delhi, to the minute you leave, you’re in expert hands where nothing is left to chance and Atul’s team ensure a trip you’ll never forget.

    Their commitment to their guests is exceptional, with brilliant planning, a wonderful itinerary and very comfortable motorbike riding. The accommodation, food and tours all far exceeding our expectations.

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